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Your Child Always Come First



EasyFishoil, the leader in the children’s fish oil market, has an important place in the market in terms of product variety and product quality. Considering the seasonal activities of the children’s fish oil industry, we created an advertising campaign to support this leadership and to introduce the colourful EastFishoil – World of Fish Oil to consumers.



Our priority was to ensure that the new product line was in the correct position. The colourful world and varieties of EasyFishoil products answered the audience’s demands. In addition, we wanted to underline the emotional importance and value EasyFishoil created for kids.


We shot four films featuring real mothers and their children instead of celebrities. Each movie refers to a different product and its features. Also, we reflected on the natural and warm relationship between mother and child. All parents want their children to be the best, the first comer, and even the first in line. Emphasizing this emotion, we wanted to show that a brand like EasyFishoil can act by putting our children, who are the most valuable assets of our lives, in the first place, by simply thinking about them first.