Ocelott is an interaction design and communication consultancy agency.

The very foundation of our business model, which we briefly refer to as “Interaction Design and Consulting” is derived from scientific methods. With the idea of being a global player in mind, the company has achieved substantial growth in today’s extremely competitive and dynamic digital scene. By making ourselves available at strategic and operational levels, Ocelott has managed to create substantial value to various brands both local and global.


It is essential for our teams in Istanbul and London to work with the same system and work environment built upon honesty and determination. During any process, our team is always attentive to our clients’ needs and requirements, therefore we are able to present and offer the best solutions and platforms. If necessary our team members work as if they are a part of our clients’ marketing structure. We believe working as a unified team creates maximum effectiveness.

Sharing previously acquired knowledge and experience with our clients is Ocelott’s main imperative. Being totally transparent, we work with our clients to raise a brand’s perceived image.

Being Scientific
Ocelott is an interactive communication firm. Our values are based on scientific research and methodology as well as mathematical facts. Ocelott gathers information and develops strategies in order to offer various solutions that our brands can benefit from.


President & Chair

N. EMEL DILMEN, Assoc.Prof.Dr.
VP & Head of Strategy

Legal & Financial Advisor

Head of Finance

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