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What If Pills Were Never Invented?

Visual storytelling for a game-changing health supplement manufacturer brand.


ConCordix is a game-changing technology, which is used to produce food supplements, by Vitux AS. Their products are very exceptional regarding freshness, form and taste. Mixing both water and oil soluble ingredients in one soft chew is one of their most significant innovations.


Inventing something new is one thing, talking about it is another. No matter how fabulous your technology is, the way you tell people about it usually becomes the case. ConCordix wanted to communicate with their business partners and their customers. They wanted to make sure that the audience could understand what the product was about and how it was about to change the future. The technology was very sophisticated, but we needed to convey it in an easy and enjoyable way.


We created a couple of animated videos. One of them was for B2B marketing, and the other was for the end customers. In the B2B video, we are asking a very vital question; “What if pills were never invented? What if ConCordix technology were there, first?” In the B2C video, we bear a torch to the everyday life of a woman who uses health supplements on a daily basis. Well, no spoilers! Watch yourself.