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KIA is one of the world’s largest brands in the automotive industry. After its distributorship was taken over by Çelik Motor in 2001, it became a well-known car brand in Turkey, too.


KIA had made a decision to change its unappealing designs that had been failing to attract the attention of consumers for many years. In this context, the Rio model, which met its customers with a new design in 2011, was in need of a serious promotion in Turkey.


KIA wanted us to develop a campaign for the Rio model, which was launched with a brand-new design in 2011. So, we decided to combine the classic Tilt (pinball) game with a modern car look in a Facebook game. Using Rio’s interior as inspiration, we designed a Tilt board that gave players information about the car’s interior and exterior features while keeping them entertained. By collecting badges, players could earn the grand prize TiltiRio badge, which gave them a chance to win a Rio trip and test drive. The result? 16,000 players and hundreds of test drives!