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The Wizard

All the power you need to defeat your enemies. Let the games begin. Now!


Seagate SSHD is a Solid State Hybrid Drive, a technology that combines traditional hard disks with new generate solid state drives. Part mechanic and electronic, so to speak. This technology enables faster software boots and file reach while maintaining a high capacity with a more reliable hardware and a much more reasonable price. Basically, when you buy a Seagate SSHD, you get a much faster hard drive than the traditional ones and a bigger capacity for a better price than the new solid state drives. Kind of “Best of Both Worlds”.



We have been working with Seagate for many years and had already launched many projects to place the hybrid drive within the gamers’ ecosystem. Though Seagate wanted us to find an attractive way to promote the drive among gamers – Not only digital but also in-stores.


The effect of the product is a sort of magical. It’s combining the best parts of two different worlds. This took us to the idea of creating a wizard which has the power to do so. We illustrated a brand new character with the drives and used him as the face of the product. We created in-store branding assets including stair-folios and life-size cutouts.

Our message was clear: “All the power you need.” Since a hard drive is a game changer, we wanted to point the fact that the games begin in a different perspective once you install the drive in your computer. This translated into a direct message which we were able to use with any promo line: “Let the games begin. Now.”

For the digital world we developed a website called and run several promos for UK, France, Sweden and Turkey. We created banner sets to display on relevant websites and e-shops for direct sales.


Magical! The campaign and the Wizard was received very well by the audience. Massive participation of gamers drove the campaign into a huge success. Thousands of marketing leads were collected. The success of the project was recognised by other markets which lead the APAC teams to leverage and apply it to their region.