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The Fish Oly Animated Stories Films




Fish Oly of EasyFishoil is a fan-favourite character. He has a very lively, playful and enjoyable character. Kids love him in every aspect. They were expecting more and more Fish Oly


Fish Oly made his debut on the box and came to life on a music video which was a total blast on YouTube. Millions of streams, it was obvious, Fish Oly needed more screen time. The client asked us to create more content for Fish Oly and keep the success bar high.


It was obvious for us as well – we wanted to create an underwater world where Fish Oly could express himself and reflect children’s emotions. So we created a whole universe of characters from scratch. Each family, friend, stranger, villain has a different take and their own contributions to the storylines. Every story was written in conjuction with an experienced children content writer and children’s psyhcology doctor. We were very firm with creating “clean” content for kids, also we wanted these stories to share takeaways. We used a puppet animation style to bring the characters to life, mostly reflecting to the story and keeping it simple to focus on what matters most. We worked with the most talented voice actor Harun Can, who gave life to stories by dramatising each character and also the voice-over, in a narrative style.


Fish Oly at the Omega 3 Fields

Fish Oly Playing in a Tablet

Fish Oly Becomes a King

Fish Oly Builds a Tower

Fish Oly in a Red Cape