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Sjømann’s Branding and Box Designs

“Values Life”


Sjømann’s is a nutritional supplement of Norwegian origin produced with ConCordix technology. The product line consists of fish oil, multivitamin and propolis. The delivery is in chewable gel form and is a good fit for children.


Turkey has a fast-growing dietary supplement market, and competition is getting stronger every day. This product line aims to deliver quality for a very competitive price point. Yet, the brand needs to position itself as neither premium nor an easy-to-buy product manufacturer.


We started with the name. Sjømann means Fisherman in Norwegian, and we decided to tell the story from that perspective. Our keywords were trust, experience and quality – the perception of the Norwegian Fisherman within the market. We reflected this in our visuals, especially the box designs. We created illustrations of the Norwegian landscape and nature in a delicate colour scheme.