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No Fat.

An award-winning integrated campaign for Seagate’s   slimmest hard drive.


Slim, is the slimmest retail hard drive Seagate had created back in the day. It was thinner than a pencil at 9mm. With an USB 3.0 interface, 7,200rpm disk speed and 320GB capacity, Slim was a very neat and quality product.


Seagate was pretty new in the retail territory back in the day. They had great products but the image was missing. Slim was a breakthrough in the market: it was very thin and sleek yet very powerful and durable. It needed to be introduced in a very bold way.


We created an integrated campaign for Slim focusing on the form factor. We approached the product as a desirable object, making it look cool in every aspect. It was slim but very fit.Like; No Fat!

A website, tons of online banners, brochures, catalogs, point of purchase material, in-store brandings, products stands, magazine and newspaper ads were created.


The campaign was launched in 17 countries including Germany, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Oman, Jordan, Yemen and Greece. The campaign won the Best Integrated Marketing Campaign in the Horizon Awards.