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EasyFishoil is a new generation nutritional supplement that contains Omega 3 and has unique properties. Whats unique about the product comes with the technology ConCordix. EasyFishoil is not in liquid or capsule like other fish oils, it is in chewable gel form. Therefore, it is chewed and swallowed quite easily. The product is very delicious. It hides the flavor quite successfully and it is almost impossible to taste or smell the fish oil. Another important feature of EasyFishoil is its packaging. Individually packaged gel tablets preserves its freshness until the moment of use. It is also very easy to carry on your bag or pocket.


After easyVit entered the fish oil market with EasyFishoil succesfully, the brand wanted to show the product’s unique features to a wider audience. We are in need of consumer feedback on the way to market leadership. We aimed to create a focused campaign.


We did a satisfying research with consumers before setting up the campaign. In line with this research result, we developed our strategy and campaign. We decided that the best person to carry the brand name was Çağla Şıkel, and we shot the product commercial focused on “9 out of 10 Mothers Are Happy”. We combined the unique features of the product with the natural, active and modern image of the brand. We have commend the film to the famous director Selim Demirdelen.


With the advertising campaign launched on national and digital channels, EasyFishoil has become the leading brand in the fish oil market as of September 2019. As you read these lines, EasyFishoil still maintains its brand leadership. In the same period, the brand decided to carry the results of the research and the campaign to digital channels. The result was a triple number of followers and a significant increase in interaction. The campaign was beneficial not only for the brand but also for the fish oil sector. We contribute Turkey’s kids fish oil market to grow about 40%. Sales of the brand increased by 400% compared to the previous year, achieving an unprecedented success.