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Find out how we designed a key milestone leading to market leadership for a brand from scratch.

Award-winning marketing agency


Turkey’s most preferred fish oil EasyFishoil children has decided to launch their new formulas for different needs by diversifying their products in Turkey. New products in gel form produced with ConCordix technology, in addition to DHA and EPA fatty acids;

EasyFishoil containing vitamin D,
EasyFishoil Q with choline, B6, B12 and folic acid
EasyFishoil Beta Glukan containing beta-glucan and vitamins A, C, D
EasyFishoil Multi containing vitamins, choline and folic acid


EasyFishoil is a very well known brand in the market. The new formulas containing fish oil had to be introduced under the EasyFishoil brand with new names. The new formulas of the EasyFishoil brand were aimed to meet both the fish oil needs of children and their different needs (immunity, appetite, concentration, etc.). In this context, a new campaign has been designed.


We decided to highlight the concepts of quality and reliability, which are among the important features of the product, and to introduce new products with this concept. Depending on researches we decided on Bergüzar Korel, which best reflects the values of the brand and its relationship with mothers. We created a new fish oil world in the commercial, which emphasizes the new formulas of EasyFishoil. We categorized new products in different colors. We aimed to bring EasyFishoil to mind when it comes to fish oil.