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Kids Ask For More!

The story of a brand from zero to hero


EasyFishoil is a new generation Omega 3 food supplement with a couple of unique selling points. Those selling points come from the technology called ConCordix. The form is not liquid or capsule but jelly-like. It’s very easy to chew and swallow. The taste masking is incredible; almost impossible to feel the fish taste or smell. Another point is the packaging. Each gel tablet is individually packed for convenient use and all-time freshness.


Farma Ege, a very young and dynamic pharma company, approached us to create a brand for their new Omega 3 food supplement. The product was targeting the kids. It had many USPs, as well as market challenges. The product needed to be introduced to the market. Also, a fast return was expected.


We studied the product inch by inch. The product study showed us that kids liked the product very much. But we were aware that mothers had the last word on the purchase. So we decided to create a kid-friendly product face that could also talk to mothers. We came up with the name EasyFishoil which was straight forward – it’s an easy to use product in every aspect. We created a friendly character called Goldie, which is a Nordic fish. This way, we were able to capture the attention of the kids. Finally, we created the message of the brand. It was a bold statement, yet the truth: Your kid is going to ask for one more!

We created a national campaign for the product launch. We shot a TV ad and which was both effective on mothers and children. It was broadcasted for 3 weeks on national TV during primetime. We activated social media via Facebook and Instagram. Created post on 7 different concepts, broadcasting on a two-day-basis frequency. Launched SEM via Google. Finally completed the picture with a mobile-friendly single-page website with the necessary information, including YouTube videos produced by us.