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EasyFishoil Everyday

See how we designed one of the key milestones on the road to market leadership for the growing brand from the scratch.



EasyFishoil is a new generation nutritional supplement that contains Omega 3 and has unique properties. The features that make the product unique comes with the technology called ConCordix. EasyFishoil is not in liquid or capsule like other fish oils, it is in chewable gel form. Therefore, it is chewed and swallowed quite easily. The product is very delicious. It hides the flavor quite successfully and it is almost impossible to taste or smell the fish oil. Another important feature of EasyFishoil is its packaging. Individually packaged gel tablets preserves its freshness until the moment of use. It is also very easy to carry on your bag or pocket.


EasyFishoil is a product that especially targets the 4-12 age range. We needed to get closer with this age group and explain fish oil in a fun way. The character we created for EasyFishoil Goldie had a very suitable and fun profile for this job.


We prepared a music video for children. We designed an animation with a fun song that children can have fun while watching and sing together. With the world we created, we prepared the entry ground for the animation universe for the brand.


We broadcasted the film as a preroll ad on YouTube along with national and thematic channels. We released the video on July 15, 2020 and reached 1.5 million views until September 15, 2020. The rate of watching the video from start to finish was well above YouTube averages according to the statistics. Many children shared their videos on social platforms while singing.