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Don't Swallow, Just Chew!

Find out how we designed a key milestone leading to market leadership for a brand from scratch.


In Turkey EasyFishoil children form has become the number one choice in a short time. So EasyFishoil decided to take place in the market with adult forms. EasyFishoil adult form has a packaging in which each gel form was packaged separately, preserving the freshness and effect of the first day, just like the child form. Its prominent features were its easy consumption and its gel form that can be consumed without water.


EasyFishoil wanted a place in the large adult fish oil market. The product was well known to children but had to be introduced to adults. The fact that the product was produced with a new technology, brought an innovation to the market, and offered a different solution to the fish oil world, led us to a different campaign and search for different celebrities.


For the EasyFishoil adult form campaign, Aslı İnandık, whom we know from the scenes and Instagram with her humorous personality and clips also successful movies was chosen. In the promotion of this brand new product, she appeared with an image that is far from the character we are used to seeing her. In the advertising film, the innovations brought by the product, the change and quality brought by the product to the adult fish oil market were highlighted.