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An elegant touch on the identity of Turkey’s state of art crypto-currency platform


Product is a next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform. It is a new kind of crypto money stock exchange market. enables Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether exchange.



Crypto coins both in Turkey and around the World are being touted as speculative financial instruments. It is no surprise that some movements in this market will raise customer doubts. We had to part from these speculations and place the brand to a safer zone. The primary need was to produce a suitable brand identity, digital components, corporate and visual elements.


We conducted a comprehensive perception study on approximately 700 cryptocurrency platform users, analysed the results via various statistical techniques, and examined the expectations and demands of users from such platforms very closely. Based on the results, we developed the brand identity, logo design, corporate colours, fonts and digital identity elements. Social media content and visual concept were added to this plan.