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Combat Control


Seagate wanted to generate marketing and sales leads for one of its products, Seagate SSHD, after a gaming event where real players fought with commands of the participants.


Street fighter soul is back! We created a fun personality test and each user revealed him/her own combat style. Various prizes with different values were given away. The application had a well-detailed measurement system and provided the opportunity to reach diverse information about users.


At the end of this three-month long application used in various regions in Europe and Middle East, all digital objectives were reached.

Target Audience

18 to 55 years old Facebook users visiting quiz websites, curious about technology and who can be interested in Seagate SSHD disk principally preferred by gamers and DIY computer users.


UK, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, U.A.E., Qatar, RSA, Kuwait