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Collagen Peptides

Witness how we transform a unique product family into “Building Blocks of Life”.


Peptiline is a nutritional supplement product that has been studied with more effective targeted collagen peptides in terms of absorption and bioavailabity produced from fish-derived active peptides in Dielen laboratories in France. There are 5 different products under the Peptiline brand.


Peptiline needed an identity to launch in Turkey’s OTC market. The products were highly innovative and unique. There were even researches showing evidence of miraculous effects. To begin the branding process, corporate identity designs and brand strategy had to be made.


First, we determined the marketing strategy. The products were penetrating the molecules that made up the building blocks of our body. We wanted to bring this forward. We simply called it “”Building Blocks of Life””.
After winning the motto, we worked on the box design. Despite being a part of the same family, we handled each building block differently. We have visualized the features that make them stand out, coded them with colours. We used modern and powerful fonts. Having in mind that “”Every living being is a work of art””; we wanted to compose an artistic touch to these building blocks and thus used brush strokes. We completed the design with the belt referring to the peptide chain. Therefore, we designed a unique box on the shelves, just like the product itself.
Finally, we designed the logo. A professional-looking, dynamic and reliable logo that suits the product family. By adding a smiling face in the form of medicine within the logo, we added some sympathy and intelligence to the brand.
We have used all these elements for all printed and digital work. We also adapted it for social media.