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Best Of Both Worlds


Seagate SSHD is a Solid State Hybrid Drive, a technology that combines traditional hard disks with new generate solid state drives. Part mechanic and electronic, so to speak. This technology enables faster software boots and file reach while maintaining a high capacity with a more reliable hardware and a much more reasonable price. Basically, when you buy a Seagate SSHD, you get a much faster hard drive than the traditional ones and a bigger capacity for a better price than the new solid state drives. Kind of “Best of Both Worlds”.


Seagate wanted to introduce this new disk to the target audience who can use the disk, especially gamers. The main goal was to communicate the product’s advantages to the audience in an understandable way.

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To promote this SSHD disk, which can be used by all target audiences, especially gamers, we designed a Facebook game called “Best of Both Worlds,” emphasizing the product’s advantages in both the SSD and HDD worlds. We used a “racer” concept in the game to illustrate the difference the product can make in both laptop and desktop computers. In the game, the computer with wheels is in the HDD world, but when it enters the SSD world, it sprouts wings and takes off. We also highlighted the importance of Adaptive Memory Technology (AMT) by making it a bonus in the game.


One of the best Facebook game campaigns ever! The campaign was active in the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, the US, and the Middle East, reaching over 200,000 unique users and gathering detailed data from 14,037 users. The Best of Both Worlds game had a total of 193 days of gameplay in 7 different regions. We achieved significant awareness, promotion, and of course, increased sales data in these regions. It was a vibrant and successful campaign!