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Askiya At

Adding Good To Life

Take a closer look to today’s way of “Adding Good To Life”

 and how we created an identity for the non-profit project.


Askiya At is a digital platform developed to ensure helping each other which is one of the most important features of our society. We carried out the project in an easy, fast and transparent manner in accordance with today’s needs. Project goes hand in hand with associations and foundations, donations are directly transferred to the non-governmental organization that has the activity through secure payment methods. Non-governmental organizations deliver these donations to those in need.



When we do small amounts of aid most of us prefer people who ask us for money on the street. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, we don’t hesitate to donate a small amount to a foundation. Secondly, it is not easy to search for all organizations one by one, reach them, obtain account numbers and communicate. Whether the aid reaches the required places also worries us. We needed to develope a platform and address all these concerns.


“Firstly, “”Askıya At”” needed a catchy slogan and logo that spelled out our purpose. We thought that donations cannot be classified as big or small, every aid makes a difference in society and in the lives of individuals; Thus, we created the slogan “”Add Good to Life””.
After we determine the corporate identity it was time to design the website of the project; In addition to the user friendly design of the website, we also made sure that visitors can easily access the donation step and complete the payment in a practical way.
We created Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts for “”Askiya At”” to reach more people by using the power of social media. We also promoted the non-governmental organizations we work with on social media platforms. ”
Askiya At, hayata iyilik katmak isteyenlerin dijital platformu olarak varlığını güçlenerek sürdürüyor.