You know how to walk. So you walk down the road. But you are not sure where you are? It’s time to ask someone, right? But who?

Ocelott is just the right one you would like to ask. Why? Because Ocelott was born in this jungle and we can show you more than one way. Maybe it is not just the right way you are taking. Just ask us. We will help you out for sure.

– Communication Consultancy
– Marketing Consultancy
– Strategy Consultancy
– Design Consultancy
– Campaign Management
– Reporting
– Research


Design is basically a name given to any plan made in order to solve a problem. It is believed that the design process starts on a computer screen. Actually, the construction begins in our minds first. 

Whatever the problem is, there is always a solution. Ocelott focuses and specializes in problem-solving designs.

Our clients always benefit from our multi-tasked design approach. Please have a look at our design content that might be relevant to you and learn more about our design approach.

– Concept Design
– Interaction Design
– Brand Design
– Perception Design
– Product Design
– Campaign Design
– Mobile Design
– Motion Design
– Game Design
– Interface Design
– Cross Media Design


We talk many languages in our office but the truly common one is the language of science. This is also how we approach the social media. We know it is a communication channel for everyone and it is very rich. It provides seamless experience to the users and also the brands. But we also know that it is very easy to miscommunicate. We simply know the dynamics of the social media.

Metrics in and out… Everybody loves to see numbers. But does everyone understand them the way they should be understood? Ocelott makes things easier for you: we read the numbers and tell them what they are. But that’s not only it! We help you to understand this new way of communication without being misunderstood.

– Content Creation
– Community Management
– Reputation Management
– Advergaming
– Application Design
– Social Media Campaign Design
– Social Media Monitoring

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