Find out how we designed a key milestone leading to market leadership for a brand from scratch.


EasyFishoil is a new generation nutritional supplement that contains Omega 3 and has unique properties. Whats unique about the product comes with the technology ConCordix. EasyFishoil is not in liquid or capsule like other fish oils, it is in chewable gel form. Therefore, it is chewed and swallowed quite easily. The product is very delicious. It hides the flavor quite successfully and it is almost impossible to taste or smell the fish oil. Another important feature of EasyFishoil is its packaging. Individually packaged gel tablets preserves its freshness until the moment of use. It is also very easy to carry on your bag or pocket.


After easyVit entered the fish oil market with EasyFishoil succesfully, the brand wanted to organize a new campaign by referring to the pandemic period with an interim campaign after the big break they caught with Çağla Şıkel.

There were three points to be highlighted. The practicality of the product, our life in the pandemic and the changes in our view of nutritional supplements had to be highlighted. In addition to EasyFishoil, it was aimed to introduce the immune product EasyDefence, which is important for immune system especially during the pandemic.

EasyFishoil – I got this! / Alper Kul & Aylin Kontente TV Commercial

5.6 million views


We worked with the sympathetic couple of TVs and social media, Aylin Kontente – Alper Kul. A snapshot of home life in the pandemic with children was presented. With the sentence “At least this is normal”, the importance of using EasyFishoil during the growth periods of children was emphasized despite the changes in our private and social life.


With the line “I got this”, it was aimed to attract attention with a popular phrase that is widely used in our daily life. In short sequel for EasyDefence benefiting from the popularity EasyFishoil brand image, the immune system product EasyDefence was introduced.

EasyDefence- We got this! / Alper Kul TV Commercial

1.6 million views

I got this!

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