The Euro 2016 Cup is hosted in France and Air France is inviting you to watch it live in the stadium!

The Product

Air France, a global airline with the French touch, focuses on unparalleled standards of personalized service to make travel a moment of pleasure and elegance. Air France customers benefit at all times from the best-possible travel experience thanks to attentive service and top-notch products. The quintessence of this French-style travel promise which is so appreciated by Air France customers world-wide is captured in the signature: France is in the Air.

The Need

Air France has a wide range of products and services, which make it a great challenge to promote each of them for the company. The brand wanted to communicate a large number of products and services via digital channels. They also wanted to underline that Air France is the strongest carrier connecting French destinations with Mediterranean international flights.

The Solution

One of the world’s most popular events, Euro 2016, was going to take place in Paris, the beautiful home of Air France. We spotted the opportunity right away and built a campaign concept around this event. A fun, playful and simple penalty shoot-out game was created including flight and football questions. Thus it became possible to promote all products and services via flight questions.

The Reception

It was a good game indeed! 50,000+ players from three countries hit the call to win Air France tickets throughout the campaign. Time limit for each question provided users to play the game repeatedly. It was great to witness users answering different questions each time they played the game. They learned more about the products while having fun. Significant marketing leads were generated via the app.


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